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:blackrose:Rules Of The Group:blackrose:

:bulletblack: You get added immediately upon join request.
:bulletpurple: Mpreg drawings, Mpreg stories, Mpreg stamps, mpreg comics are welcome.
:bulletblack: Management have the right to decline due to what is depicted in said pic or story
:bulletpurple: your story or picture can have Fpreg but it cannot be the main focus of the deviation.
:bulletblack: Anything not mpreg not allowed
:bulletpurple: if ur not sure about something ask about it
:bulletblack: Post things in the correct folder.
:bulletpurple: We accept simulations, but if it is a pic of just a person being fed food to look fat or for vore it is not allowed.

:blackrose:Rules For Folders:blackrose:

:bulletpurple: Any stamp for Mpreg is permitted. We will accept stamps about liking mpreg or hating it.

:rose:FanArt Or Fanfic:rose:
:bulletpurple: FanArt is classified as taking a character someone else created and mpreg'ing it.

:bulletpurple: OC's or Original Character is a character u created personally.

:bulletpurple:Comics is for comics you drew. this can involve FanArt Comics or OC Comics.

:bulletpurple: Photomanips or photo manipulation is taking the picture of someone and editing it in Photoshop.

:bulletpurple: Meme's are self explanatory

:bulletpurple: For things that are mpreg but don't fit in other folders. This is for things such as pics that thank for so many page views that involve mpreg.

:bulletpurple: Simulation is inflation or putting things under clothes to look pregnant. but it is not for bloating. this is an Mpreg group. Go put ur bloating elsewhere.

:rose:Children Of Mpreg :rose:
:bulletpurple: The title is self explanatory. But this folder is for children born from mpreg. No pics of normal preg children here. The child must have lived in and came from a person with a penis.

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for people who love mpreg and gay families. Come join us and join the mpreg world.
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Apr 29, 2010


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cool groups, go check them out, i'll wait for u to come back. *gets a book and waits*








Hope I'm not bothering many people but on the occasion I ask for new role players to rp. Just to be sure I'm not totally picky but I do have a few ground rules.

One, I do not use any oc's mostly canon characters. I don't mind the other participant using an oc though.

No kind of furries rp, tried it once never really worked for me..but I do like furries in general.

I won't do any kind of rp based on books or certain tv series unless it's manga/anime related.

The only movie rp's I done is scifi kind particularly anything alien based or creatures. I do preggies with monsters/humans

((Updated)) I do certain types of fetishes not all of them, vore, rapid preg are something I do like and will  do if it's requested. I like belly rumbles or possible burstingOn occasion not all the time.

((Updated)) Things I won't do for fetish rp is feces, vomit, urine. None of those...please..or simulation. Don't have a snapchat and kinda live with folks lol.

((Updated)) All RP has to be typed not by any cameras like I stated in the "do not do" above.

((Updated)) Also foremost you have to be fairly constant with replies, I like something of a story built or else it'd just be boring to me the more the wait. It's fine if you're busy but if you can post and I will reply I'm always there I barely sleep lol.

Also, have some kind of plan or idea at hand I don't wanna be the one dishing out the goods.

((Updated)) No kind of one liners ex: " He/She smiled." And then I come out with this: ""The child then clapped his hands in excitement at the parents assuring smile that things are ok. "" A whole sentence is fine with me at least.

((Updated)) Please no note spamming unless you're correcting. I will reply in due time.

((Updated)) Last thing is I don't really like to rp on Deviant Art notes/chats. But if you want to use notes please note me. I have cruddy net service and I get online at night and it's a pretty late hour, but if my net is acting right I will use them.

Just to let you all know what I rp I'll list the stuff I would normally rp and some of the characters too. If a crossover is done I will usually pick some of these characters to rp as.

One Piece (( Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kidd, Cavendish, Dellinger, Doflamingo, Rosinante, Zoro, Sanji, Brook,Shanks, Enel/Eneru, Aokiji, Fujitora, Caesar, Ace, Marco the Phoenix .))

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (( Jonathan Joestar, Dio Brando, Joseph, Jotaro, Josuke, Johnny, Gyro))

Blue Exorcist(( Yukio, Shiro or Mephisto))

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (( Shun Kaidou, Riki Nendou, Kusuo Saiki, Reita, Kusuke))

The Prince of Tennis (( Eiji Kikumaru, Ryoma Echizen, Kaoru Kaidou, Jirou Akutagawa))

Gintama (( Gintoki Sakata))

Karas (( Yousuke Otoha, Nue, Eko Hoshunin))

Hunter x Hunter(( Killua, Gon, Hisoka))

Assassination Classroom (( Shiota Nagisa, Karma Akabane, Korosensei))

One Punch Man (( Saitama, Genos))

Parasyte (( Shinichi))

This is a list of Anime I still like but not totally into like I used to be doesn't mean I won't use them or rp them.

Black Butler
Attack On Titan
Fullmetal Alchemist
Dragonball Z
Gurren Lagann
The Tower of Druaga
Soul Eater
Fairy Tail
Death Note

So now that we got the anime out of the way let's move onto the Movie category even this list is small knowing I barely rp any so here we go:

Alien movies 1-4 and Includes the "not so great" as most say they are parts.

Aaand that's my short list of movies other than ones with kaijuu in them and other scifi.

Lastly the video games and this is a list too.

Legend of Zelda (( All games))
Shadow of the Colossus
Final Fantasy (( Mostly all but normally 7 and 10))
Metal Gear Rising

I know more but those are what I normally would pick characters from.

. So preferably any messengers if you have any of the following, Skype, Aim, Google, or Yahoo, though my yahoo account is out of commission for now.

So anyone interested please leave a message. Lucky my net let me even type this lol.
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PureSuperSaiyan Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016
Hey all!  I'm looking for someone who wants to rp mpreg.  Note me if you're interested.  I'm open to suggestions for scenarios, fantasy and sci-fi are welcome.
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Top male seeking sub/feminine male for Mpreg roleplay. Humans are loved and furries are accepted!
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Hey, I saw your post here you still doing rp? I would like to try if you're interested?
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Anyone wanna rp? Send me a note!
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