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:blackrose:Rules Of The Group:blackrose:

:bulletblack: You get added immediately upon join request.
:bulletpurple: Mpreg drawings, Mpreg stories, Mpreg stamps, mpreg comics are welcome.
:bulletblack: Management have the right to decline due to what is depicted in said pic or story
:bulletpurple: your story or picture can have Fpreg but it cannot be the main focus of the deviation.
:bulletblack: Anything not mpreg not allowed
:bulletpurple: if ur not sure about something ask about it
:bulletblack: Post things in the correct folder.
:bulletpurple: We accept simulations, but if it is a pic of just a person being fed food to look fat or for vore it is not allowed.

:blackrose:Rules For Folders:blackrose:

:bulletpurple: Any stamp for Mpreg is permitted. We will accept stamps about liking mpreg or hating it.

:rose:FanArt Or Fanfic:rose:
:bulletpurple: FanArt is classified as taking a character someone else created and mpreg'ing it.

:bulletpurple: OC's or Original Character is a character u created personally.

:bulletpurple:Comics is for comics you drew. this can involve FanArt Comics or OC Comics.

:bulletpurple: Photomanips or photo manipulation is taking the picture of someone and editing it in Photoshop.

:bulletpurple: Meme's are self explanatory

:bulletpurple: For things that are mpreg but don't fit in other folders. This is for things such as pics that thank for so many page views that involve mpreg.

:bulletpurple: Simulation is inflation or putting things under clothes to look pregnant. but it is not for bloating. this is an Mpreg group. Go put ur bloating elsewhere.

:rose:Children Of Mpreg :rose:
:bulletpurple: The title is self explanatory. But this folder is for children born from mpreg. No pics of normal preg children here. The child must have lived in and came from a person with a penis.

Group Info

for people who love mpreg and gay families. Come join us and join the mpreg world.
Founded 7 Years ago
Apr 29, 2010


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Fan Club

836 Members
1,069 Watchers
139,938 Pageviews
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The Scarecrow's Baby Ch.3
Chapter 3: A Very Stinky Incident
The next morning, Dorothy woke up to an awful smell. That's when she heard Scarecrow say, "P.U! THAT IS ONE STINKY POO-POO YOU TOOK!" Dorothy then approached him. He was with Tincrow, who was lying flat on his back with his bottom opened (the way a hatch opens) with lots and lots of poo was flowing out of his bottom hatch. Scarecrow was struggling to clean it up. "Oh my! How nasty is that?!" exclaimed Dorothy, who saw the flood of poo. Toto yapped. Dorothy picked him up. "It's okay, Toto. We'll go outside and get away from the smell." So they went outside to get away from the smell.
Later on, Scarecrow and Dorothy met up with Tin Man and Lion and all traveled to Emerald City to talk to the Wizard about Scarecrow's troubles with Tincrow. "Now tell me, Scarecrow. What kind of problems are you having with your baby?" asked the Wizard. "Well," said Scarecrow, "His bottom hatch opened up and tons of poo-poo came out." "And it smelt AWFUL!" added Dorothy. "I
:iconwhitneyrules:whitneyrules 1 0
Jesse Spencer Shirtless Pregnant :iconcinehotties:Cinehotties 2 0
The Curious Case of Capital C
Charles Andrew Wilde was no ordinary man. He was a hip hop singer who had lots of money, fame, and fortune. His appearance was something of a mix between 50 Cent and Biggie. Known as "Capital C" by his millions of fans from Paris to Los Angeles, Wilde had maintained a fabulous lifestyle and owned a mansion style house in West Hollywood. He had half a dozen bodyguards that would often go out and buy things for him, whether it be food or clothes. Wilde was spoiled rotten, with no responsibilities whatsoever. He had very high expectations of himself. The only responsibility he really had was his car. When he drove his car to places he had to get to, one or two bodyguards often went with him so that they could shield any fans who tried to get close to him.
It was a fine winter's day on December 18th, 2013. Wilde was driving his car. In the front seat with him was his bodyguard named Johnny Mueller, who was also black and looked a lot like Akon. They were driving on the San Diego freeway, o
:iconwhitneyrules:whitneyrules 0 3
The Scarecrow's Baby Ch.2
Chapter 2: A Hybrid is Born
Nine months later, the Wizard took Scarecrow and Tin Man to Dr. Skeleton's office. Scarecrow's stomach was now as large as a full barrel of paint. Dr. Skeleton led Scarecrow and Tin Man to a room set up for delivering babies. Scarecrow got into a bed and Dr. Skeleton prepared him for the delivery as Tin Man watched. "Woah!" said Scarecrow as he tried pushing his baby out. "C'mon, Scarecrow! You can do it!" encouraged Tin Man. Scarecrow pushed a little more and suddenly, the room was filled with a piercing cry. Scarecrow gave birth to a tin boy with straw hair. Dr. Skeleton swaddled the newborn baby in a blanket and handed him to Scarecrow. "Why, this is a miracle! Oh! My baby! He is so beautiful! He looks just like you, Mr. Tin Man! And he has my hair!" said Scarecrow as he was having a bonding moment with his newborn son. A little while later, Scarecrow asked, "What shall we name our little boy?" "Well," said Tin Man, "I was thinking we could name him Tincr
:iconwhitneyrules:whitneyrules 0 0
Mature content
The Wrong Pants at the Wrong Time :icondoombeez:doombeez 22 5
Mature content
Seahorse Cove: Hank and Linda :icongrowthinator:Growthinator 15 0
SH/JW Seahorse MPreg :iconbabywolverine:BabyWolverine 7 5 That sweater's a lil too small :iconletswritebellies:LetsWriteBellies 46 3 Meet Aiden :iconefmix-moondark:Efmix-Moondark 6 1 clancy at rest :icontenchibaka:tenchibaka 42 8
Emerging Secret (Mpreg) Ch. 2
Jimmy awoke to the faint smell of cologne he had such a memory for and the trickling of shower water hitting tile. He sat up groaning a little still sore from the events of the day before.  Allen walked out of the shower towel wrapped around him, hair damp, over to his bed where Jimmy was laying.
“Look, Jimmy, can we talk?” His voice held such a vacant tone it almost felt as if he wasn’t even speaking.
Jimmy’s eyes blinked as he tried to understand what was happening. Jimmy’s mind was racing. He wanted to ask about the baby but he couldn’t for some reason form words. He just looked deep into Allen.  Jimmy nodded his head as Allen began to move his lips again. “Look, I’m so sorry Jimmy. Last night was a mistake. I should have never brought you here. I’m your teacher. You’re my student. This is wrong. I could get fired for this. You’re such a bright and attractive boy, but you’re just a boy. I shouldn
:iconthe-notebooks-voice:the-notebooks-voice 52 11
Sherlock, wait! (Mpreg) :iconthe-notebooks-voice:the-notebooks-voice 6 0
finder (mpreg) - ch.1
finder (mpreg) - ch.1
It was beautiful day , I was sleeping beside asami , It was 3 in the morning something wake  me , I  ran to the bathroom
and I vomiting , My sound woke asami from the bed .
" are you okay ?" asami said.
"do I seem okay to you ?"   Takaba said
after a month the morning sickness got worse day by day , So he  Decided to go to the Hospital he was waiting for my blood test .
the nurse called out my name , I was afraid that something happening to me, "set mister takaba" the doctor said .
" is something rong with my body" I said .
"don't worry mister takaba it is just you are pregnant    congratulations" the doctor said.
" there is no way that I am  pregnant, I am a man" I said.
" It is okay it happen a lot these days , if you don't want this child  give them up for adoption am , or before you gets any farther, an abortion" the doctor said.
I started thinking if asami even want this baby , "what should I do now ? , am I really goin
:iconxsawaku:xsawaku 0 0
Jack of Blades Mpreg 2 :iconmartcan:martcan 5 2
Our love, stronger then words chp 2
Rin woke up and got ready for school. He was already two weeks pregnant from what he knew. He was keeping it a secret knowing it would be hell if the collage found out. He throw his bag over his shoulder and headed out the door.
Rin ran into Kiki on his way to class. “Oh look the whore is back,” Kiki snickered. Rin sighed. He walked off hoping Kiki would just leave him alone. He went to his best friend Kokoro's swim meet before school. He saw five new girls all wearing uniforms. They must of been from the private section of the collage. Kokoro ran over, “Rin hey,’ She hugged her friend. “Rin theses are the new students I was telling you about, “Joe, Frankie, Hazzle Ruby and Ally,” Kokoro said. “Hi,” Rin said greeting the new students. “Ello,” Joe said. “konnichiwa,” Frankie said happily. “Sup,” Ruby said. “Ciao,” Ally said, “Ciao,” Hazzle said. Rin looked at Kokoro. “
:iconanimenekoyoailover:Animenekoyoailover 3 103


cool groups, go check them out, i'll wait for u to come back. *gets a book and waits*








I wanna draw more mpreg art and make it look as good as I can (ex. how the belly should look from different angles and how to draw kicks) so I'm looking for any advice I can since it's hard to really find anything on this subject.any advice  would be helpful
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